Freelance Calligrapher, Seattle

  • 7th Grade
  • 1st card designed, chose paper and thermography
  • Earned enough for first investment in stocks

Freelance Photographer, Seattle

  • High School
  • Wanted to expand into photography
  • Learned photography and used the darkroom
  • Went to Northwestern University in Television and Film
  • Stock investment and scholarships paid for college

Freelance Designer, Los Angeles

  • College (transferred from Northwestern)
  • First 2-color and embossed card
  • Started multimedia lab at UCLA
  • Won HOW Magazine's first Student Self Promotion
  • Learned multimedia and graphic layout

Toyota Motor Graphics, Los Angeles

  • Worked part time while finishing up college
  • Jr. Designer position
  • Helped to design the Lexus Typeface and Brand Standards
  • Learned graphic production and type layout

Fattal & Collins Advertising, Los Angeles

  • First full-time job
  • Worked 12 - 18 hours a day + nights on other side jobs
  • Sr. Designer & Art Director for Infiniti car account
  • Learned print, advertising and photography

Warner Bros. Online, Burbank

  • Sr. Producer for first Entertainment Online division
  • Break into multimedia and web
  • Launched WB Online, Kids WB! and Rosie O'Donnell sites

Kids WB!

Freelance, Seattle, San Francisco

  • Move to Seattle
  • Became independent producer for multiple firms
  • Freelance/consultant for Phinney Bischoff Design House
  • Move to San Francisco as Dot Com era begins

KidsKamp.com, San Francisco

  • First .com start up experience
  • Worked with Lisa Lopuck
  • Put $30,000 into the company, lived on $10 a day
  • After almost a year, the business model didn't work

Kids Kamp

One World Journeys, San Francisco/Japan

  • Co-Founder of One World Journeys (OWJ)
  • Produced Environmental Expeditions on the Web
  • Worked with Red Eye to launch "Georgia Revealed"
  • Won HOW Design Merit Award

Georgia Revealed

Red Eye Digital Media, San Francisco

  • Moved to San Francisco
  • Started as a consultant
  • Came on as a partner and Creative Director in 1999
  • Began focusing on usability and research

Idea Integration

Idea Integration

  • Red Eye became multi-national company, Idea Integration
  • Started National User Experience Practice
  • Worked on multi-million dollar Internet accounts
  • Learned how to manage multiple teams and projects

Adobe Splatterpunk


gotomedia, inc.

  • Started an incorporated company -- the "real deal"
  • Bought a loft at "The Box Factory"
  • Growing and working steadily
  • Learned how to have a life and do what you love to do
  • Mission Statement: "Exceed expectations and take vacations"

Web Redesign Book
Live Motion



  • 2004 - Launched 'gotomobile' as initiative
  • Started evangelizing "design ethnography"
  • Focus on Mobile User Experience
  • Editor of gotomobile.com as blog


gotomedia, llc.

  • Leaders in brand, strategy and integrated research & design
  • Move past web into web-based applications and product interfaces
  • Started global research network focusing on usability & contextual inquiry
  • Opened office in Barcelona



gotomedia, llc.

  • New card merges media and mobile with matching collateral
  • Focus on convergence - merging web, mobile and media experiences
  • Continue honing global/mobile research
  • New technology plaform and approach allows true virtual office formation



gotoresearch, llc.

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What I have learned:

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