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Tempo AI

Tempo AI, an SRI-incubated company, came to gotomedia with novel AI technology and a team of developers in need of solid UX and UI vision and partnership.

gotomedia and the Tempo team moved quickly from ideation to development by using rapid prototyping to define and refine the core feature set. The resulting app uses predictive intelligence to help manage daily activities in a single tap. Tempo AI is now recognized as a pioneering app that set the groundwork for a new domain of smart calendars and mobile personal assistants.

Tempo AI

"The 5 Best Calendar Apps For 2014"


"..this is the most productive new app I’ve gotten in more than a year."

- Scobelizer, Siri’s Contextual Sister Tempo Blows Away iPhone Calendar

"[The Tempo Smart Calendar app is] like a human assistant..."

- Huffington Post, Tempo Smart Calendar App Boasts Siri Pedigree And A Calendar That Thinks For Itself

More like a mobile assistant than a typical calendaring app, Tempo connects the dots by surfacing the info needed to be prepared for the day. Tasks that once required using several apps, like checking flight status, dialing into conference calls, sending a “running late” text or checking an agenda are all accessible within the calendar. The app groups relevant details with the related event so everything is accessible in a tap.



Simple, beautiful, smart. Each interaction was thoughtfully designed to create an effortless experience that keeps the focus on easily managing tasks. UI details from typography to color palette were refined and re-refined to create a highly usable interface that is fun to use and distinctly Tempo branded.



Tempo sets the pace of the day by connecting the dots between people, calls and email. The heart and soul of the Tempo app needed to be implicit in the logo design. With a placeholder logo that used a standard calendar icon as a starting point, gotomedia moved to a more conceptual approach that expressed the core values of the app. This approach ensures that the logo stays relevant as Tempo evolves into a next generation personal assistant. The companion responsive website was developed to illustrate the innovative features of the app and promote the Tempo brand.