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VMware, the industry-leading virtualization software company, selected gotomedia to define a strategy for rebranding and restructuring a device-neutral digital ecosphere.

gotomedia began this project by meeting with stakeholders, conducting customer interviews, and analyzing reams of metrics and data points to help ensure that users needs were met and strategic business goals delivered. The resulting UX, Interaction and Visual Design enables users to quickly and easily accomplish tasks while delivering on business goals and providing a strong brand experience. The design system was delivered in way that has been easily extended across VMware's many digital properties.

117UX Design projects with VMware
150Interviews and Usability sessions

"VMware continually presents us with the types of strategic and design challenges that we love to tackle. We take great pride in the innovative solutions that we have created over the past seven years."

Paul Erlicht, VP Strategy & Account Management

Element 1

Reverse Card Sort

gotomedia used remote Reverse Card Sorting to help determine the ideal site structure from the users’ perspectives. Using this technique we were able to provide both qualitative and quantitative insights.

Element 2

Stakeholder Interviews

gotomedia met with stakeholders from the executive team, product management teams, support team and the sales team to ensure that all of VMware’s goals were captured and effectively prioritized for site implementation.

Element 3

Usability Testing

The user experience was repeatedly tested for usability throughout the design process to both ensure that user needs were consistently met and that client priorities were clear.

Information Architecture

Research findings, business goals and user needs informed the strategy for a complete overhaul of the site architecture, screen level content and interaction design. gotomedia synthesized findings to create a highly goal oriented UI structure that efficiently serves both prospects and current customers while increasing conversion for both audiences.

Information Architecture

Digital Branding

Presented with a high-level print oriented framework for a revamped VMware brand, gotomedia expanded and defined the brand to work in a multi-platform digital context. The end result was a fresh and current look and feel and a robust visual design toolkit that fosters site wide consistency but also provides freedom to create fresh and engaging new digital experiences that are on brand.

Digital Branding

UI Pattern Library

The UI pattern library allows VMware’s web managers, producers and developers to leverage existing UI solutions when designing new screens for an ever-evolving large scale website. While site wide consistency is a key aim, the library's flexible framework also promotes efficiency by allowing developers to reuse existing UI solutions in a wide range of contexts.

UI Pattern Library