connecting the hearts and minds of chronic disease

mapping the shape of CA healthcare in today's world

Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) is a healthcare industry association who wanted to improve their consumer facing online resource. The website based application shows the cost and quality variations between healthcare providers in California. The overarching goal was to provide an insight engine that gave an eagle eye view for policy makers, health plan purchasers and the people running health providers.


User Growth


Increase in sessions


helping to navigate complex data

Our goal was to determine a way to show quality and cost metrics from hundreds of groups and put it together to make it easier to understand for a broader audience with lower than average technical abilities.
Grouping of several wireframes depicting the IHA interface and interaction states.


re-architecting and creating new user flows

As part of the UI redesign, we rethought how users moved through the site. At the project outset one of the key issues was that people didn't understand how the tool was valuable to them. They needed to see it in action, so we created "stories" to illustrate how the tool could be used. This created a better flow to guide users into the tool, helping them understand by using a set narrative.
Close-up photo of a person sitting at a computer monitor displaying the IHA homepage.

visual design

leaning on the familiar and friendly

We sought to present a dynamic and clean interface that was optimized for reading. The palette lent itself to the familiar feel of old national park guides. We also drew from the idea of an atlas and used photography of natural landscapes in California. The goal for the look and feel was professional and trustworthy, while maintaining friendliness and approachability.
IHA web page screenshot — Explore the findings
IHA web page screenshot — Compare employer sizes filteringIHA web page screenshot — Compare employer sizesIHA web page screenshot — Compare healthcare measures

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