Kasisto for DBS India
Strategy, UX Design, Visual Design

bringing conversational AI to world banking

Learn how to incorporate a conversational AI chatbot into your mobile app interface through this conversational user interface example with Kasisto, a fintech company.
With digital, we are able to create a completely different customer experience. What’s more, digibank’s efficiencies and lower costs enable us to pass on significant benefits to customers in the form of greater customer value.
Piyush Gupta - CEO, DBS Bank


integration and localization

The job required us to design the app interface from wireframe to visual design. Strategically we needed to consider local market nuances, with India being a nation with a highly active mobile audience. This meant the app was breaking new ground by offering a completely paperless, signatureless and branchless experience. We needed to blend the conversational app with the existing functionality of the existing DBS India app and work within the limitations of how the Kasisto API could work within it.
Color coded flow diagram illustrating the complex branches of conversational AI. The words in the chart are intentionally illegible.


dynamic conversation with fixed navigation

The user experience needed to ensure there were no deadends, always steering the user toward a solution.We focused on the conversation flow and how it would deliver full banking services within the frame of a mobile screen.
Close-up photo of hands interacting with a mobile phone displaying the Kasisto App virtual assistant interface. The screen is displaying a conversation about fraud and the user is clicking the chat with a live agent button.

visual design

working with a strong brand

The visual design was primarily driven by the DBS India branding, which was already strong and well established. We took that brand and tied into the innovative IA and conversational infrastructure. Our job was to bring the DBS India branding into the context of the mobile app and conversational experience.
Kaisto app screenshot — Make a payment? Which payee?
Kaisto app screenshot — Ready to Send PaymentKaisto app screenshot — Account BalanceKaisto app screenshot — Virtual Assistant Chat History

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